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The Next Big Thing in Home Computing

Tiny footprint. Tiny pricetag. Big performance.

The revolutionary Pi-Cube is a Raspberry Pi CM4 powered computer that is changing the face of home computing. Not much larger than your favourite coffee cup, the Pi-Cube packs amazing performance into a tiny footprint.

pi-cube personal computer size comparison

Maximum Performance – No Compromise

As a small form factor, dual monitor desktop computer, the Pi-Cube is more than capable of creating and editing documents, dealing with emails, collaborative working with Slack, Asana, Trello, Office 365, Google Workspace etc, whilst taking video calls with Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype. Surfing the web, playing retro games or watching your favourite videos on Youtube or other streaming media, is delivered in up to 4K resolution with dual screens making all the difference to productivity or fun.

As a headless server running the 32 or 64 bit OS of your choice you have the performant combination of a 1.8GHz Quad Core ARM Compute Module 4 with 2, 4 or 8 GB of RAM and a super fast NVMe Solid State Drive. If needed for your Application there is ample room inside the case to add up to two HATs.

A surprising wealth of features.

Pi-Cube is compatible with a number of different Operating Systems including various flavours of 32 and 64 bit Linux, Arch, Chrome OS and more. Out of the box it runs the Raspberry Pi 32 Bit OS, so no complicated set up, just switch on and go. Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Chromium, and hundreds of free to use Open Source Applications are available for easy download. Bottom line – If it runs on a Pi 4 it will run on Pi-Cube. Just add one or two monitors, webcam, your favourite keyboard and mouse and it is ready to perform as your desktop computer.

pi-cube desktop configuration
timeless design

Sleek, industrial design that complements your style.


Add the HAT peripherals and components you want.

robust cooling

Chimney effect passive cooling plus smart fan to handle over-clocking with ease.

eco friendly

Lowest power consumption of any comparable PC.

small but mighty

1.8GHz Quad Core 64 bit ARM and NVMe SSD for unbeatable performance.

made to measure

2, 4 or 8GB RAM with up to 2TB NVMe SSD storage.

future proof

Plug-in Compute Modules allow easy future upgrades.

so affordable

Available at a fraction of the price of comparable PCs.

Behold the Future.

The heart of the Pi-Cube is the Compute Module 4. This new “Plug In” connector footprint allows a future upgrade in RAM size from 2GB, to 4GB or 8GB. Although not guaranteed, the next generation of Compute Module is very likely to use this new connector footprint for CM5 and beyond… making future upgrades simple and easy.

pi-cube internal board
pi-cube internal board back

See Pi-Cube in Action.

The Pi-Cube – at a glance.

The Pi-Cube is designed to be environmentally friendly, customizable and future proof. Developed to deliver significantly more power per watt than comparable desktop computers, the Pi-Cube with its unmatched power efficiency, superior cooling and case construction in recyclable materials delivers a planet friendly compute platform without compromise for today’s environmentally conscious consumers.

pi-cube product image

Who’s ready for Pi?


work from home with pi-cube

Your home is your office. You demand a solution with muscle and reliability… that takes up as little space as possible.


media server with pi-cube

You want an affordable media server that delivers the ultimate in performance and quality.


makers and first adopters with pi-cube

You’re a coder or maker who’s looking for a compact, expandable, performant Linux platform.

And, there’s a zillion more scenarios. Pi-Cube is the small but remarkably capable home computer that is an ideal platform for distributed work-forces, home control and media management, coding or just tinkering for fun.

Learn more about the Pi-Cube.

Pi-Cube will launch a Crowdfunding campaign later this year. Sign up here for the Super Early Bird Discount Offer